Bigg Boss 12 Day 2: Will Sreesanth Quit the Reality Show?

It’s only the second day in Bigg Boss 12, and the drama quotient is already threatening to go through the roof. Even as the contestants tussle over the first task, there are fights galore and even the threat of a walkout.

Cricketer-turned-actor Sreesanth incurs the wrath of his teammates as well as Bigg Boss when he refuses to participate in the first task wholeheartedly. He shows no interest in finishing the task and Bigg Boss calls it off. And when the other contestants reproach him, Sreesanth says he wants to quit the house. Will he be allowed to leave the Bigg Boss house?

Things is the meantime are heating around the Khan sisters, Somi and Saba. The pair gets into fights with Dipika Kakar as they accuse each other of high-handedness.

Former contestants Karan Patel and Shilpa Shinde walk in to moderate the BB Press Conference task, in which single contestants will debate with the couples on why they deserve to be a part of Bigg Boss 12. The Khan sisters take on Dipika, and unfortunately for the former, the vote tilts to the other side.

Would Sreesanth really quit Bigg Boss 12? Would Dipika Kakar manage to browbeat the Khan sisters? Watch Bigg Boss 12 on Colors to find out.

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