Bigg Boss 12: Here’s How Bigg Boss 8 Winner Gautam Gulati And Anup Jalota’s Ex-Wife Reacts To His Relationship With Jasleen Matharu!

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While people are still buzzing and trolling over the relationship between 65-yr-old Anup Jalota and 28-yrs-old Jasleen Matharu, seems like Bigg Boss 8 Winner Gautam Gulati has something’s to say to all the trollers out there on behalf of the Bigg Boss 12 jodi-daar contestant!

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After Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde gave out her support to the famous Bhajan singer and his stance on coming out strong about his relationship with Jasleen Matharu. Well, this time Gautam Gulati came to support the couple’s relationship and chemistry, telling the trollers to back off and let the two lovebirds be in peace!

Always our hero, Gautam Gulati voices his opinion on the most trending topic. He says, “Everybody has the right to choose the love of their life and if Anup Ji has chosen Jasleen there is nothing wrong it. People should stop trolling them and let them enjoy their love life.”

He furthermore adds, “These days social media has become a very dangerous place for the famous people. People can make you a hero to zero in a moment. One should understand that celebrities are also human and they do have their personal life. I don’t think it is okay to comment respectable figure who has given so much to us. I don’t think Anup Ji and Jasleen would have been treated the way they are if they were in other parts of the world.” Although, there’s a lot speculated and rumors going around and about the two love-birds, none should encourage trolls on anyone, in any way.

While, that’s what Gautam had to say in defense of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, here’s how the latter’s ex-wife Sonali Rathod refused to even comment on their relationship. At first, she asked in bewilderment, “Why would I talk about my ex-husband?” and then further added that she has not seen Bigg Boss 12. Sonali said, “I have moved on and I am very happy in my life. I wish Anup the very best in his life, professionally and personally.”

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The Bhajan singer had gotten married thrice before his apparent relationship with Jasleen Matharu. Sonali Rathod was his first wife and they were at first professional partners, who performed together. Well, now we’re still waiting exactly what’s the truth behind Anup-Jasleen relationship!? Meanwhile, on this Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan and Bigg Boss will treat the two by arranging a secret date for the couple in the BB Khaas Room.

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