Bigg Boss 12: 'If He Crosses His Limit, I Shall Not Tolerate,' Says Manish Naggdev on Rohit Suchanti Flirting With Srishty Rode

Bigg Boss Insider
Here's what Manish Naggdev has to say on Rohit Suchanti flirting with Srishty Rode on Bigg Boss 12

We have entered the second half of Bigg Boss 12 and like the past few seasons, we haven't really seen any romance on the show. So no two contestants who have fallen in love with each other randomly this year. But then the cupid has its way as far as Bigg Boss is concerned. As a result, we are seeing quite a lot of ek tarfa pyaar on the latest season of the high voltage reality show. On one hand, we have Deepak Thakur flirting with Somi Khan, who has friendzoned him. And on the other hand, we are seeing Rohit Suchanti's affection towards Srishty Rode, despite knowing that she is already in a relationship with TV actor Manish Naggdev.

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Recently, Rohit and Srishty had to do a romantic dance with each other as a part of a promotional task, and Srishty was evidently uncomfortable. Post the task, Srishty broke down while talking to Karanvir Bohra as she told him that she is not liking that the other housemates are linking her with Rohit. Bigg Boss 12: Is It Just Us or Srishty Rode Looks Uncomfortable While Dancing With Rohit Suchanti? Watch Video.

Now Manish has finally given his two cents on this. In an interview with the Times Of India, Manish has said that he is not insecure and that Rohit should stay in his limits. "I am absolutely cool with the link up news. I know Rohit is trying his best but nothing is going to happen because I know Srishty is all mine. She is really clear in her thoughts and knows whom she wants. She knows what she is doing in the house. I have no comments for Rohit. Till the time he is in his limits it is fine but the moment he crosses his limits, I shall not tolerate," he was quoted.

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He further added, "I am fully secured and I know what she is doing. I don't need to be insecure at all and as I know Srishty. Everyone has their right to feel and express their emotions and I am quite okay if Rohit has done that but I am not at all insecure. I just want him to be in his limits."

Well, Srishty doesn't need to worry a lot then.