Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde: Hina Khan INSTIGATED Housemates Against Me

Shilpa Shinde emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss 11 and she is of course is on cloud 9. Moments after she lifted the trophy, we caught up with the actress for a quick chat.

Excerpts from the interview:

Were you over confident that the trophy will come to you?

No, not at all. I know people here think I am over confident just because I am strong. But yes, I had trust on my fans and above all, I had trust on my journey.

Initially, I had no clue how I was being shown outside but the way Salman Khan used to support me or discuss things over Weekend Ka Vaar episode, I gradually started understanding how everyone is perceiving me. If I would be doing anything wrong, Salman would have taken my case also like he did with others. When Vikas and me got into an argument, Salman confronted me and asked ‘why are you behaving like this?’ Is it for an entertainment or something else? I told him that it’s for entertainment but yes I have to clear a few things with Vikas but in my own way.

So I wasn't over confident but had faith on my fans and karma.

Hina Khan felt Salman was biased to you? 
Hina Khan had a problem with everything related to me. She didn't want to cook and then when I started cooking, she had problem with that too. She passed comments like, ‘Why you using unhygienic water? If water is cold, why it's not hot, if it's hot why it's not cold?’

Hina Khan was the one who used to instigate everyone in the house against me.

What are you going to do with the price money? 
I guess as everyone said, I’ll have to share the money with all of them (laughs). Anyways I have given Rs 6 lakh to Vikas Gupta for the five week torture. So, sara hisab kitab barabar.

Now that all is well between you and Vikas, any plans to work together? 

Yes we are already planning a web series together. He smartly convinced me during a task by giving his jacket. But it was from heart, so, I have also given my nod.

Do you feel you were targeted the most in the house?
I felt bad many times but whatever circumstances I have been through, it just made me stronger. I already knew that things inside this house will be like, 'Neki Kar Dariya Mein Daal' but at the same time I also believed in 'Kar  Bhala To Ho Bhala'.

What's the plan of action now?

Actually nothing is planned. However, I would love to do a film for my fans as I don't see quality work on TV anymore.

Many from the Television industry were upset with you about CINTAA controversies. Do you feel things will change for you now?

Frankly, I don't know how much change will come in their thinking. But yes, I have heard that many TV celebs have wished well for me on social media. So, I really want to thank them for taking time out and supporting me.

Romit Raj (Shilpa’s ex-boyfriend) also tweeted for you and said that you are the most deserving candidate?

So, I am most deserving! Salman Khan also said the same to me when I won the trophy that I am 100 percent deserving.

Image Source: SpotboyE Team & voot