Bigg Boss 11: Rohan Mehra SLAMS Gauahar Khan for going against Hina Khan and supporting Akash Dadlani

Vinod Talreja
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Bigg Boss 11: Rohan Mehra SLAMS Gauahar Khan for going against Hina Khan and supporting Akash Dadlani

A war seems to have begun between former contestants Rohan and Gauahar

Not only the loyal fans of Bigg Boss and Salman Khan, but former contestants too are watching the show this year. Just yesterday, Bigg Boss 7 winner, Gauahar Khan sent out a tweet supporting Akash Dadlani. Her tweet came Akash was called over-confident by Hina during a talk show segment during Friday’s (October 20) episode of Bigg Boss 11. “A-kash or akash …. Ure real , loyal , all heart … I don’t know u , but I hope u go long in this show !!! N u are grounded !✨ (sic),” read Gauahar’s tweet. But this hasn’t stopped there, as it should have, because another former contestant, Rohan Mehra, who as we all know is quite close to Hina has slammed Gauahar for supporting Akash.

Rohan took to his Twitter account and replied to Gauahar’s tweet with some really harsh words as he tweeted, “This Akash DADLANI u r supporting @GAUAHAR_KHAN. Also next time tag @eyehinakhan if u have the guts or any sort of issues. From #ruderohan (sic).”


If you will remember, this is not the first time that Gauahar went against Hina. Initially when Bigg Boss 11 went on-air, Gauahar was not really pleased after Hina made fun of Shilpa Shinde’s diction in one of the episodes. ““Kya padhna naa aana koi buri baat hai??? Agar aapko angrezi nahi aati are u uneducated ?? Hmmmmmmmm (sic),” read a tweet from Gauahar then.


And when this time, she again went against Hina and supported Akash, Rohan couldn’t take it and he decided to give it back to Gauahar. Oh, and that #ruderohan in Rohan’s tweet also has some history, if you don’t remember. So last year, Gauahar’s friend Bani J was a co-contestant of Rohan on the show. It so happened that Rohan accidentally hurt Bani with a knife while they were in the house. It started blame game between them and soon turn into a heated argument with the two getting into an ugly quarrel. At that time, Gauahar obviously got furious and tweeted, “bas Karo naa, and he keeps talking and yelling…. constant yap yap with so many hurtful statements…. #ruderohan.. (sic).”

So it’s all connected. Keep watching this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 11.