Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma STRIPS NAKED in front of Hina Khan – view pics

Vinod Talreja
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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma STRIPS NAKED in front of Hina Khan – view pics

Priyank Sharma actually stripped naked in front of Hina Khan. Read on to know what exactly happened

It won’t be wrong to say that Bigg Boss 11 has turned out to be quite an explosive show. Just as we thought that we have seen everything objectionable on the show, the contestants surprise us every day by taking their fights to another level. But right now we are not going to talk about another argument that happened inside that house. This piece is all about Priyank Sharma and his strip act, and that too in front of Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Sapna Choudhary.

So recently during the nominations, Priyank went bald in order to save Hiten Tejwani, while Hina Khan destroyed her Winnie The Pooh soft toy, which was very special to her, to save Luv Tyagi from the danger zone. Her sacrifice is being mocked by the fans outside, as many think that it was nothing when compared to what others let go during the same nominations. Nevertheless, Hina was quite upset that she had to destroy her Pooh. But she was not over loss completely as later when she was sitting with Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Sapna Choudhary in the bedroom, Hina kept repeating, “mera Pooh chala gaya (my Pooh is gone)”. And simultaneously, she first removed Priyank’s shoes (we still don’t know why) his socks and his beanie, which he has been wearing after going bald. This is when Luv also got involved and took the blanket that Priyank was covering himself with. Priyank too decided to have some fun and took of his pink T-shirt. Of course, all of this was happening in good humour. But then the joke went to another level when he went completely naked in front of them, as he removed his pants and covered himself with the blanket. All of this can be seen in an unseen video titled ‘Hina misses her Pooh’ under the Unseen Undekha section on Voot. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi INJURES Vikas Gupta during the luxury budget task, will he be punished for this? – watch video

Check out the screenshots of Priyank’s strip act right here:




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