Bigg Boss 11 October 20 Written Update: Hina Khan Becomes The Captain Of The House

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Bigg Boss 11 October 20 Written Update: Hina Khan Becomes The Captain Of The House

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Tomorrow it’s going to be Weekend Ka Vaar where the host of the show Salman Khan will grill the contestants. The housemates definitely love meeting Salman but also fear who’ll be grilled the most. Tomorrow you’ll also see Hina Khan and Arshi Khan fighting against each other in the Sultani Akhada and the former losing her cool. Tomorrow’s episode is definitely going to be an interesting watch.

11.24pm to 11.26pm:  When asked housemates majority want Luv to be evicted and rest is upto Indiawale.

11.10pm to 11.17pm: The nominated contestants are trying their level best to convince the audience to vote for them and save them. Amongst the nominated contestants, majority want Luv Tyagi to be evicted .

11.01pm to 11.10pm: Puneesh and Hiten who are super exhausted are try their level best to throw the sand out. And in the end, Hina Khan becomes the captain of the task and Arshi Khan says its all groupism. Sapna miffed with Vikas seeing his strategies and blamed he plays all mind games. Benafsha calls Hina double-faced and tells all will suffer for making her the captain. It’s now time for nominated contestants (Luv, Akash, Hina, Sapna, Puneesh) to tell Indiawale why he should be saved and who should be evicted.

10.50pm to 10.55pm: For the race Hina and Sapna have been asked to select one representative each who will be sitting in different glass containers. The remaining housemates will be putting sand in the containers of whom they wish to see as the next captain of the house. The task will go for about two hours. Hiten is Hina’s representative and Puneesh is Sapna’s representative. The representative will keep throwing the sand out of the container. In the end, the contender having less sand in her glass container will win the captaincy task.

10.40pm and 10.50pm: Housemates are now changing their vote. Benafsha upset that nobody voted for her for captaincy race. Sapna tells she was the only one who thought about Benafsha. Hina is surprised that Hiten is now taking Benafsha’s name. Housemates are again voting but again Hina and Sapna win maximum votes. Arshi and Benafsha decide not to help Hina in the captaincy race task.

10.30pm to 10.40pm: Hina Khan discusses with Sabyasachi about Arshi’s beahviour. And meanwhile Arshi talks about Hina to Bandagi. Bigg Boss tells Sapna in the confession room to tell the winners of luxury budget team, to select two contestants who performed and they’ll be up for captaincy race. After the discussion, all decide Sapna and Hina to be up for captaincy race.