Bigg Boss 11: When Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma, Arshi Khan Left Us Speechless With These Shocking Statements

Ishani Bose
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Bigg Boss 11: When Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma, Arshi Khan Left Us Speechless With These Shocking Statements

Oh My God! This has indeed been quite a politically incorrect season

Bigg Boss 11 finally came to an end yesterday. Shilpa Shinde emerged as the winner of the show by defeating Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma in the game last night. Now that the show is over, we’ve definitely started experiencing some major withdrawal symptoms. Known to be quite a controversial show for the things that the contestants say or do during their stay inside the house, the eleventh season of Salman Khan‘s show literally threw political correctness out of the window with participants outdoing each other with their deplorable behaviour and a series of unpardonable and disgraceful statements. From making derogatory comments on ones sexual orientation to body shaming female contestants and even indulging in racial discrimination, Bigg Boss 11 contestants have done it all, without little to no understanding of the fact that things like these are outright awful and unforgivable. Be it Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani or even Shilpa Shinde, each of them have left us shocked at some instance or the other with their disparaging comments. With the show now ended, we bring you a list of all the controversial statements made by the contestants during this season. Read on..

# When Akash Dadlani called Vikas Gupta ‘gay’

At the beginning of the season, Akash Dadlani used to literally get on the nerves of Vikas Gupta by openly asking him if he was a homosexual. He even told Vikas that he was not manly enough. Despite several warnings, Akash wouldn’t stop with his indecent comments. Frustrated with him, Priyank Sharma ended up pushing him, leading to his early eviction from the show for the first time. We all remember how angry Salman was with the contestants’ behaviour. Priyank’s eviction served as a warning to all the participants who would dare to cross the line of decency in the show thereon. Needless to say, Akash got the message.

# Hina Khan’s derogatory comments on the South industry actresses

Speaking about declining an offer to work in a South film, Hina had passed a very demeaning comment regarding the actresses there. She had said, “In the south, they want female actors who are bulging. This is the reason why I refused two big films. They want actors who can wear sari and the fat is seen bulging.” She also showed with actions how they wanted extra curvaceous actresses the ones that do ‘thal thal. Needless to say, actors and actresses from the South film industry like Khushboo and Hansika Motwani were upset and angry with Hina’s comments.

# When Hina called Gauahar Khan unpopular, Sanjeeda Sheikh ‘average looking’ on screen and Sakshi Tanwar cock-eyed

Hina gestures to Arshi that Sakshi is cockeyed. About TV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh, with whom she’s worked several times, Hina says she’s prettier in real life but quite dull on screen. Speaking about Gauahar Khan she says, “Uske bahut kum followers hai in fact Mere half se bhi half.” And she had the nerve to tell Priyank that his PR will control the damage done to his image. We hope she knows that her derogatory comments on the show have done quite a damage to her image and we doubt her PR can help in controlling the damage she’s already done.

# When Priyank Sharma body shamed Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan

During one of the episodes in the Bigg Boss 11 season, the chocolate boy of the house, Priyank Sharma was fuming when the house chose Shilpa Shinde as a nomination for captaincy over his best friend Hina Khan. The ex Roadie lost his cool and fat shamed both Shilpa and Arshi in front of his friends, Hina, Luv Tyagi and Sapna Chaudhary. He went too far by saying that the two ladies couldn’t even run a small distance thanks to their “over grown and over sized bodies.” He even called them a drum. Ouch! He described their bodies to be that of a bull and was even heard ranting about their weight. Salman later pulled him up on national television and made him cry for the mistake he made.

# When Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde commented on Hina Khan’s skin colour

The 39 second clip shows Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde talk about the tan their fellow housemates got after spending time in the pool. Given how they would often be seen ganging up against Hina Khan in those days, before their fall out, Hina Khan fans considered their comments to be racist and waged a war against Arshi and Shilpa on Twitter. After all, they had called Hina ‘Low Class’ a few days before this incident so it was only natural for the fans to lose their cool post this episode. To think of it they did comment on their fellow contestants’ darkened skin colour, and we don’t know about Hina but Akash definitely seemed upset about it. And of course, Hina’s fans.

# When Shilpa Shinde called Akash Dadlani a ‘panty sniffer’

Recently Bigg Boss held a press conference in the house where the inmates took up the chance to steal headlines, and the former Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai star managed to impress everyone. According to Mid Day, Shilpa Shinde called Akash Dadlani a panty sniffer. It was considered extremely inappropriate and hence had to be edited out of the final cut. However, it seems neither Akash, nor anybody else refuted Shilpa’s claim. Now that’s just gross!

# When Priyank Sharma called Vikas Gupta “a vagina”

In an unseen video shared by a fan on Twitter, Priyank Sharma was seen shamelessly calling Vikas Gupta a vagina during a conversation with Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi. To say that we were utterly disgusted seeing the video wouldn’t be a lie. Not just Priyank, but even Luv Tyagi went onto call Vikas a weak-ass, while laughing it off with Priyank. At first, Hina didn’t seem to understand, but later when the boys literally spelt it out to her, she too seemed disgusted.