It will be big misfortune for Bihar if Tejashwi comes to power: RK Singh

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Union Minister RK Singh talking to ANI in New Delhi on Sunday. Photo/ANI
Union Minister RK Singh talking to ANI in New Delhi on Sunday. Photo/ANI

By Amit Kumar

New Delhi [India], November 1 (ANI): Union Minister R K Singh hit out at Mahagathbandhan chief ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav ahead of the closure of campaigning for the second phase of Bihar Assembly on Sunday stating that if the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader comes to power then it will be a big misfortune for the state.

The Union Power Minister in an exclusive interview with ANI said, "It will be a big misfortune if Tejashwi Yadav comes to power. I see that his movement is similar to Lalu Yadav. Tejaswi has included all the dons and criminal of Bihar in his party. Anant Singh, Rajaballabh Yadav, Rama Singh are all dons and they have preferred Rama Singh instead of veteran socialist leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. Tejashwi Yadav's tendencies show that he is not avoiding criminals, rapists. How would Bihar become if these people came to power, just imagine?"

Singh, who is also the Lok Sabha MP from Arrah, attacked RJD and said that if the party is back in power in the state the criminal will get a free run in Bihar.

"The goons will come on the roads again and the process of snatching of vehicles will again increase in the state," he said.

He also questioned the inclusion of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (CPI-ML) in the Mahagathbandhan.

"RJD has formed an alliance with CPI(ML). This party was called 'Mundi Katwa' by Lalu ji himself when he was the Chief Minister and now they have formed an alliance with that party. RJD is not worried about the state that is why they brought the murderer CPI(ML) in the alliance. Due to fear of CPI(ML) people did not leave home in Bhojpur after evenings in the past," Singh said.

Union Minister directly attacked RJD Leadership and said that these are the people who're not worried about the welfare of Bihar. They are not worried that there should be development. They are worried that whether the criminal should be taken along or the killers but are only concerned about gaining power at any cost.

"I tell people in Bihar that they should vote for someone who is educated, honest, and has character. If they voted for a criminal, ones who are corrupt and characterless on the basis of a caste then you should not complain that there is too much corruption or the road is very bad. Because you did not worry while voting. While voting you should worry about how Bihar should be and vote accordingly," Singh added.

The first phase of Bihar assembly elections to 71 seats was held on October 28. The remaining 172 assembly constituencies of the 243-member assembly will go to polls on November 3 and November 7.

The elections for the second phase of polls for 94 assembly constituencies will be held on November 3 and the results are scheduled to be announced on November 10. (ANI)