Big Little Lies episode 7 watch online: It all comes down to Jane, Celeste, Madeline & the murder

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Big little lies

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Can we just call HBO's Big Little Lies one of the best TV shows of 2017 already?

Yes, we proclaim it because the seven episode show has reached its finale and we are honestly disappointed that it is ending so soon. Travelling through the journey of heartbreak, surprising confessions, abuse and lies with Madeline, Jane, Celeste, Renata and Bonnie, it seems unfair that the show had to be only one season and limited to seven episodes.

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The star-studded show had amazing performances from every cast member, including the child artistes. While the women kept the show grounded and going, the male roles, especially Ed, Perry and Nathan gave the support these ladies wanted.

Now let's look back at how the episode 6 turned out and what could come to rest in episode 7:

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- In the episode 6, the biggest shock that viewers are informed about Abigail's secret project – her attempt to sell her virginity. In the episode 7, viewers can expect her to dropping her project after listening to Madeline's advice and resorting to other ways to help her cause.

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- Viewers watched Celeste realising that it is time she gets out of her abusive marriage and find a place of her own. In the finale episode, while Celeste attempts to get out of the house, she would be the target of physical abuse, if not sexual, for one last time before she ends things.

- The previous episode saw an unbelievable twist of events when Renata and Jane open up about parenting to each other and bond over their children. Fans will finally find out who has abused Amabella.

- The sixth episode ended abruptly when Jane looked at her son with a sudden realisation. While it is not clear what exactly went through in her mind, we could presume that something relating to Ziggy's father might have finally been revealed. Could the song Ziggy was dancing help her find out where his father is?

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- Madeline confesses her affair to Abigail and it is evident that she regrets every single memory. This confession, however, brings the mother daughter close and mends their relationship. In the seventh episode, Madeline would attempt to rekindle the magic in her marriage. But there is a twist waiting round the corner as she heads back to visit Joseph. Keep an eye out!

Watch the promo of the episode here:

The official synopsis of the finale episode reads: 

Finale. After yet another fight, Celeste takes steps towards her independence. Before the school's long-awaited Fall Fundraiser, Madeline deals with fallout from her past, while Jane learns who's really been hurting Amabella at school.

But a number of questions arise – Will Perry let Celeste get away so easily? Is he the murderer and is Celeste the victim? Or will it be other way around? Why is Renata's husband warning Jane to stay away from his wife when the two have settled in peace? What brings Madeline back to Joseph? Is he killed while she tries to protect herself? All questions will be answered tonight, in Big Little Lies episode 7, the finale. 

Watch the finale episode, Big Little Lies episode 7 here:

Where to watch: On HBO

Time: 9 pm EST

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Big Little Lies episode 7 airs on April 4 on Star World Premiere HD at 10 pm (IST).

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