Big Little Lies episode 6 watch online: Will Celeste finally leave Perry?

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Big little lies episode 6

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Big Little Lies finale is just an episode away. Fans will soon know who was killed and by whom. But the seven-episode series never really focused on the murder. That was really the last thing running on the viewers' minds.

The real deal about the show is indeed the women. The five lead female characters drew the audience and reviewers so close to their lives that it is hard to imagine that there wouldn't be a second season. The star-studded HBO mini-series reach a conclusion next week and in tonight's episode, the fans could expect the cards falling open and story finally leading up to the murder and the reason behind it.

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With what happened last week, Big Little Lies episode 6 could feature three important moves: 1. Celeste's final shot at her marriage, 2. Madeline rekindling her sexual life with Ed, and 3. Jane finally lets go of her past for the sake of Ziggy.

However, the official HBO Big Little Lies promo gives us more than that:

1. The therapist urges Celeste to let go of Perry and move out of the house before Perry hurts   the children.

2. Madeline and Ed finally have lunch with Bonny and Nathan where Madeline raises a toast to something she hears about Bonnie before being cut off by Ed. What's the secret? What did Bonny do now?

3. Jane is mentally unstable after her trip to find out that Ziggy has been accused of hurting Amabella again.

4. There is a petition against Ziggy doing the rounds, which obviously has been started by Renata, to suspend the poor little boy.

5. The episode returns to square one – the murder. 

Ep. 6: Preview

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The official synopsis reads:

Madeline worries about the can of worms she's opened for Jane. Jane confronts Renata about a petition going around school regarding Ziggy. Dr Reisman urges a resistant Celeste to start thinking about her exit strategy. Before their parenting dinner, Bonnie tells Nathan about a secret project Abigail has been working on. Meanwhile, Ed and Madeline have a frank conversation about the lack of passion in their marriage.

Does the conversation reveal Madeline's affair? Will Celeste's not-so-perfect life break the glass facade and come forward in front of the world? And who is troubling Amabella? Is it really Ziggy? Have all the lies really out of the bag? To know more, watch the prefinale episode, Big Little Lies episode 6 here: 

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Where to watch: The fourth episode airs on HBO

Time: 9 pm EST

Where to watch online: You can stream Big Little Lies episode 6 here:



Big Little Lies episode 6 airs on March 28 on Star World Premiere HD at 10 pm (IST).

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