So What’s the Big Deal About Sapna Bhavnani and Bani J Kissing?

Celebrity hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani and Bigg Boss 10 finalist Bani J appear to be the new BFFs in town. The duo has been spotted together a lot recently even as they share loads of their pictures on social media. But the internet went into a tizzy recently when the openly bisexual Sapna posted a picture of her and Bani kissing.

Though since then Sapna has taken down the post, the buzz of course has not died down. Check out the picture here:

Bani and Sapna share a moment. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/ @Kareena-Kapoor)

What we fail to understand is what’s the fuss about. Except of course for the fact that according to our politicians and CBFC, no one kisses in India - and definitely not two women. Such sinskari-ness in unimaginable, isn’t it?

Well, know what? Perhaps we should simply stop playing peeping toms and leave the kissing to the people concerned. After all, how is it any of our business?