Big update on current plans for WWE Wrestlemania 35 main event


Bengaluru, November 16: A sudden injury prevented Becky Lynch from performing at this year's Survivor Series PPV event. She was scheduled to meet Ronda Rousey in a mega-match which the fans consider as a dream match.

Since they are on different brands, this particular PPV based on 'bragging rights' theme was the only option to witness the match. But, the dream match longer part of the Survivor Series card as Charlotte Flair replaced the Smackdown women's champion, who pulled out due to injury.
As expected, some fans are unhappy with this mouth-watering match being scrapped abruptly. Well, they need to know that this could actually be a blessing in disguise as Becky Lynch might end up being in the Wrestlemania spotlight. If the recent reports are true, then she should start gearing up for the main event match of the show.
Dave Meltzer noted on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the already planned Wrestlemania 35 main event match will be Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch matchup. Earlier, Charlotte Flair was exxpected to challenge the WWE Raw women's champion for the title. But Becky is far more popular among the fans and has gradually become the female counterpart to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

So booking her in the marquee match could garner huge attention from the fans. Here's the update from the source,
"The Mania match, today it was talked about. It's Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, which is probably going to be in the main event, well one of the two big matches at Mania."
It was also noted that Vince McMahon had a meeting with Ronda Rousey earlier this week. She also wanted the Irish Lass-kicker as her opponent at the biggest event of the year. The talk with the boss, may have been the final lockdown for this match in New York, New Jersey.

A proper buildup will help this match to overshadow all the other matches on the card. This might be the reason WWE has decided to continue the storyline even though the match was nixed. Both Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch have been engaged in a war of words on social media to generate the bad blood they need for a heated matchup. We won't be surprised if this continues for months to come.

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