Big B's special appearance in MR. BHATTI ON CHUTTI editorial
Big B's special appearance in MR. BHATTI ON CHUTTI

Glamsham Editorial

Amitabh Bachchan is an inspiration for many and his persona is such that spells magic instantly, his screen presence still has a charm which makes him what he is today- Megastar of Bollywood. Mr. Bhatti played by Anupam Kher is devoted follower and huge fan of Mr. Bachchan in his forthcoming film MR. BHATTI ON CHUTTI where Amitabh Bachchan plays himself in a special appearance. After C KKOMPANY which released in 2008 this is Anupam Kher comeback to the genre of comedy cinema.

In real life Amitabh Bachchan and Anupam Kher share a special bond, both the stars have respect for each other and are close friend from long time. It all started from HUM where both the stars shared screen for the first time and ever since both the stars have been together in many hit films like MOHABBATEIN, VEER ZARA, SARKAR, PAHELI to name a few.

When Director Karan Razdan narrated the character of Mr. Bhatti to Anupam Kher that the character has to be highly fascinated by a Bollywood star that's when he suggested that Mr. Bachchan should be part of the film. There is no one as legendary as him in the industry. "I was hesitant to ask megastar of Bollywood to play a small part in my film but Aupam personally put in a word to Mr. Bachchan to hear the script and after the narration Mr. Bachchan liked the script and immediately agree to play cameo in the film only for Anupam Kher," says Razdan. "I was happy to have Amitabh on board as this is my first comedy film and having legendary stars like Anupam and Amitabh, I couldn't have asked for more," adds the filmmaker.

MR. BHATTI ON CHUTTI is written and directed by Karan Razdan. It is the story of delusional man whose aim is to save the world and bring peace and he will not stop until he achieves it (but only in his dream). Mr Bhatti is a bank clerk, a lovable yet lonely nerd who worships Mr Bachchan as his no.1 fan.

Apart from Anupam Kher MR. BHATTI ON CHUTTI stars Bhairavi Goswami, Ashwani Chopra, Abid Ali, Shakti Kapoor, Emma Kearney, Pawan Shankar and Neha Phendse. It is scheduled to release in July 2011.

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