'Big Bang Theory' bosses really want to get Harrison Ford on the show

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Big Bang Theory, which is entering its 12th and possibly final season, has had a cavalcade of science fiction heroes appear in guest roles during the course of its smash run on CBS. But there are still a few white whales out there that they have yet to reel in. When the show’s executive producers Steve Holland and Steven Molaro came to Yahoo Entertainment’s suite at San Diego Comic-Con, they revealed two stars who would give them their jollies.

Harrison Ford is someone that we’ve talked about that we would love to get on the show,” showrunner Steve Holland shares. “Patrick Stewart is someone we would love to get on the show. So there’s still a few out there…”

While Stewart is known for his comedic chops at this point, the idea of a muttering Ford staring blankly while Jim Parsons yelps “Bazinga!” at him for not knowing the Pythagorean theorem does sound like a blast.

Of course, if Holland and Molaro can’t land two of space’s most famous captains, there is a pretty juicy get in the making.

“I think my mom would love to be on the show,” Molaro notes. “But no one wants to see that.”

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