Big B posts pic from bed, says 'cracks, breaks' need healing

Big B posts pic from bed, says 'cracks, breaks' need healing Mumbai, Nov 10 (PTI) Megastar Amitabh Bachchan posteda picture of him resting on a bed and said 'cracks and breaks'he's facing need to heal before he starts shooting.

The 77-year-old actor posted on his blog a picture ofhim watching a soccer match, writing he was 'lying around' inhis spare time, 'skipping time to go by in rapid form'.

'And reminiscing the work front by the day after whenthere shall be the chair and the computer ji and the audience(referring his show 'KBC').

'But first the left overs of incidents from the timesof 'Don' and the cracks and breaks now playing up and placingthemselves in important avenues which restrict movement....Attimes of this it may be of interest the body , butnot the mind. So one listens to the body...and many shallthere be who will applaud and commit to say...'did we not tellyou this to slow down...' Slow down? Thats what you tell thevehicle or the train on road and track (sic),'he added.

On Saturday, Bachchan regretted having missed theinaugural ceremony of 25th Kolkata International Film Festivalwhich he had been attending for the past six years.

The actor wrote that while he's sad he won't bephysically present, he's trying to send across a video to thefestival.

'Sad and in regret to not be able to travel for KIFFto event that has invited me for years...I thinknow 7 years....and the speech...glorifying cinema and theresearch by educated assists from dear friends...gone..butthere is communication established whether I could read it onvideo and send to them to be played at the closing,' he added.