Biden Allegedly Told Bush He'd Get The Nobel Peace Prize If He Could Invade Iraq Quickly

Amanda Terkel
Then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), right, supported deposing Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in 2003 while George W. Bush was president.

Seventeen years after the invasion of Iraq, the war remains a live wire for many voters in the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden, who was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time, voted for the war ― along with 28 other Democratic senators and all but one Republican.

But Biden has been distancing himself from his vote, making it seem like he was against the endeavor from the beginning. 

Biden had to defend his record on the Iraq War right at the top of the Democratic debate in Des Moines on Tuesday.

“I was asked to bring 156,000 troops home from that war. Which I did. I led that effort,” Biden emphasized.

“It was a mistake to trust that they [President George W. Bush’s administration] weren’t going to go to war. They said they were not going to go to war,” he added. “They said they were just going to get inspectors in. The world, in fact, voted to send inspectors in, and they still went to war. From that point on, I was in the position of making the case that it was a big, big mistake, and from that point on, I moved to bring those troops home.”

Biden did not immediately start making the case that the war was a mistake. In 2005, Biden did start calling his vote for the war a “mistake.” But he continued to argue for staying in Iraq in 2004.

But over the past few months, Biden has repeatedly claimed that he was against the war from the beginning.  

Most recently, in Iowa this month, Biden told voters that as soon as Bush “went ahead with ‘shock and awe,’ and right after that ― and from the very moment he did that, right after that ― I opposed what he was doing, and spoke to him.”

Similarly, in September, he told NPR that he supported Bush putting inspectors in Iraq, not waging a war. 

“I got a commitment from President Bush he was not going to go to war in Iraq,” said Biden. “He looked me in the eye in the Oval Office; he said he needed the vote (authorizing the war) to be able to get inspectors into Iraq to...

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