Bhupinder Singh Hooda: Dissent in BJP-JJP goverment due to lack of similarity in views

Sukhbir Siwach
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Hooda, who ruled the state for almost a decade, called the BJP-JJP regime a “non-performing government”. (File)

At a time when voices of dissent have been heard from within the ruling BJP-JJP dispensation in Haryana, former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Thursday the confrontation was natural as “there is no similarity in their views”, adding that “it (the coalition) would fall under its own weight”.

The senior Congress leader also did not rule out the possibility of an alliance between Congress and Depuy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala’s JJP if such a scenario arises in the state.

Speaking to The Indian Express at his residence, Hooda said there is no similarity in the views of the leaders of the alliance government. “Some of their leaders were seeking Congress ticket while others were hoping for BJP nomination for the elections. When they did not get any of these tickets, they secured the JJP ticket.

They won because of their personal influence, not because of their party. So the confrontation of ideas is natural as there is no similarity in their views,” said the 72-year-old leader.

“They formed an alliance government because of the number game. But from where would they bring common views? That’s why they could not finalize their Common Minimum Programme (CMP) until now. This government doesn’t have any direction. Such governments fall under their own weight when the time comes,” the former chief minister further said.

Soon after the Assembly poll results, Hooda had made an offer to Dushyant Chautala for a coalition government citing similarities between the manifestos of JJP and Congress. Asked if he still stood by his position, Hooda said, “This is a hypothetical question and I don’t reply such questions, but the possibilities can’t be ruled out in politics.”

On Tuesday, JJP Tohana MLA Devender Babli had called the present regime “the most corrupt”, and said that he was “ashamed” to be part of a government under which police officers are nothing but “Vardi vaale gunde (hooligans in uniform)”.

Independent MLA Balraj Kundu had staged a protest in Rohtak alleging that police had lodged “an FIR against him under false charges at the behest of a BJP leader”.

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Commenting on Babli’s statement, Hooda said, “This is a serious matter. I have said many times that corruption is at its extreme point. Today, everybody is upset with the corruption. There appears negligence on the part of the police.”

He called the statement of JJP MLA Ram Kumar Gautam who had less than a month ago taken on Dushyant for keeping ten portfolios of the JJP quota with him an outcome of contradictions of views.

Hooda, who ruled the state for almost a decade, called the BJP-JJP regime a “non-performing government”. “What is their achievement of 100 days? They did not take a single decision in public interest.

The hopes of the people have turned into disappointment,” he said.

The state government had recently detected Rs 90-crore scam in its procurement and transportation process of paddy. “Farmers were forced to sell their crop at the low rates by Rs 200 to Rs 300 per quintal. The CBI can detect who committed the scam,” said Hooda on the matter.

The Congress leader said that the adhocism would continue till the formation of the proper organization of Congress in Haryana.

“The new enrollment process has already begun in the state. In the next 2-3 months, the organization’s election will take place.

A strong organization will be formed at the block, district and state levels,” he added.