Bhopal Woman Leaves Cheating Husband, Allows Him to Marry Lover in Exchange of Rs 1.5 Crore

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Bhopal, January 5: A rare case came to the fore in Madhya Pradesh capital, where a woman decided to leave her "cheating" husband in exchange of Rs 1.5 crore. The matter reached this form of conclusion after talks were held between both the sides. The couple's daughter had approached the family court after frequent quarrels in the house.

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The minor told the court that she, and her sister's education was disturbed as their mother and father were constantly involved in heated arguments. The court was then told by officials that the complainant's father was allegedly involved in an extramarital relationship with a woman at his workplace. Uttar Pradesh: Newly Married Man Sent to Jail for Celebratory Firing During Wedding Procession.

The couple were called for counselling sessions, to find a breakthrough in the case. After multiple meetings, the woman said she would leave her husband, provided that his lover gifts her an apartment along with Rs 27 lakh in cash.

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The house, along with the money, collectively valued at around Rs 1.5 crore, is essential for her to provide quality education and other essential care for their daughters, the woman argued.

According to a counsellor privy to the case, the woman agreed to divorce her husband with this condition as she no longer wanted to continue in a relationship which was ruined due to her partner's extra-marital affair.