Bhopal: Health dept issues guidelines for treatment of coronavirus patients

BHOPAL: Doctors have to maintain minimum distance of 1 meter between two beds in isolation ward for corona virus suspects. Similarly, the suspects either have to be kept in richly ventilated room or with patients having similar symptoms.

These are guideline which health department has issued for Deans, CMHOs and Civil Surgeons for treatment of novel corona virus (nCoV) patients. Health department has instructed dean of medical colleges, medical superintendent (MS), CMHOs and civil surgeons, to be alert and maintained all preventive measures. Corona virus shows symptoms like high fever and throat soaring.

In Bhopal, instruction has been given to inform JP Hospital (1250) in case any suspect is noticed. Instruction has been given for proper training to Health staff so that they would have proper monitoring on patients. Disposable should not be reused.

Doctors have been instructed to have close monitoring on respiratory patients and influenza. Corona virus, in addition to cold and cough, is now causing pneumonia and MERS o SARS—Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Usually coronavirus illnesses are fairly mild, affecting just the upper airway. But the new virus, as well as both SARS and MERS, are different. An infection with a new coronavirus begins with an onset of symptoms including fever, cough and fatigue. Those symptoms can then intensify quickly, resulting in hospital admission and acute respiratory disease syndrome. It is doctors who have to observe that despite all kind treatment, patients are showing sign of improvement or not before sending swab for test.

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