Bhopal Crime: Dentist Kills Woman, Buries Her Body in Drishyam Movie Style

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Indore, February 22: A dentist in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district allegedly killed a woman and buried her body in an empty plot. According to a Hindustan Times report, the accused was however arrested as his mobile location traced to the plot. The manner in which the accused executed the crime was similar to the crime shown in the Malayalam film Drishyam.

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Police found out the decomposed body of the woman and arrested Dr Ashutosh Tripathi under section 302 (murder) of IPC for killing the woman and burying her body with a dog to dodge the police. The victim used to work at Dr Ashutosh Tripathi’s clinic. In mid-December, 2020, she didn't return to her home from the clinic. Delhi Crime: Woman Murders Husband Along With Her Lover, Throws Him Down the Lift Shaft After Making Him Drink 12 Pegs of Whiskey.

When her parents questioned Dr, he said that the woman was upset with her family and started living independently. Her parents tried contacting her several times and when they failed to receive any response, they filed a police complaint on February 1.

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During the police investigation, it was found out that both the accused and the victim's mobile location were at the same place on December 14. On being questioned further, Dr Asguthosh admitted that they were in a relationship.

The woman was pressuring him for marriage but he didn’t want to marry her. So he strangled her and buried her in an empty pit. First, he arranged for a dead dog, so that if questioned, he can say that the stink was from the dead dog. Later he buried the woman in the same pit.