Bhojpuri Songs on Yogi Adityanath Are Here to Redefine Music in UP

Bhojpuri songs on Yogi Adityanath seem to be the new rage in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, during the elections, the songs were about requests and hopes of Adityanath becoming the chief minister. Now they are about the celebration of the achievement of this goal.

While some songs congratulate him on his poll victory, others portray him as an avatar of Lord Rama. The songs, released by several Bhojpuri singers, are popular in not only Adityanath’s constituency Gorakhpur, but also in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh. Companies that usually release popular music have recorded these songs owing to their good reception.

Songs Used to Congratulate Adityanath on Becoming the CM

Northern part of the state has seen several Hindi and Bhojpuri songs that congratulate the new Uttar Pradesh chief minister. The songs affirm that now the state can hope for good administration under his leadership, along with making it safer for women. They are being used to claim that Adityanath will be a strong and powerful chief minister.

'Heartiest of Welcomes for Yogi Adityanath’

‘Now That Yogi is CM, Duties Will Be Performed Better by the DM’

‘The People of UP Want Yogi Adityanath as CM’

Abki Baar, Yogi Sarkar

(This story was originally published on QuintHindi. It has been translated to English by Rosheena Zehra.)