Bhim Army Calls for Delhi Bandh on August 21 in Protest Against Demolition of Ravidas Mandir

Lucknow: Taking protests against the demolition of ancient Ravidas Mandir in Tughlakabad area of Delhi recently to next level, Bhim Army has called for Delhi Bandh on August 21 which will be followed by a mega protest at Jantar Mantar.

The Bhim Army has requested its workers across the country to come to Delhi for a day-long protest demanding handing back the temple land to the followers of Guru Ravidas and to rebuild the temple on the spot.

Speaking to news18 on Delhi bandh, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad said he strongly condemns the demolition of 600-year-old temple of Guru Ravidas. “The Brahminical BJP government and judges in the name of land encroachment gave demolition orders as the teachings of Guru Ravidas are against the idea of Hindu Rashtra,” Azad said adding the particular structure was a historical place and people from the Ravidas community strongly believe that Guru Ravidas himself visited the site and took rest there. “The place was also known as Vishramsthali of Guru Ravidas,” he said.

Bhim Army also hit out BJP and AAP government and said both Centre and Delhi governments are responsible for the condemnable act. “The Supreme Court also has given orders for reservation in promotion, but that is not implemented yet. However, when demolition orders are given for Ravidas Temple then demolition begins within days. Bhim Army workers from across the country and followers of Guru Ravidas will be turning up in huge numbers on August 21 in Delhi for protest,” added Bhim Army Chief.

Earlier, Bhim Army had held a protest in Punjab on August 13 against the demolition of ancient Guru Ravidas Temple. Bhim Army has already started mobilizing its followers through social media platforms for the August 21 protest.

Meanwhile, several social organizations and followers of Sant Ravidas have also pledged support to the complete shutdown of Delhi call.