Bhartiya Janata Party burns photos of MP Ravneet Bittu over 'hate speech'

In a recent statement to the media, the BJP claimed Ludhiana MP Ravneet Bittu had said that the ongoing protest of farmers will not end 'and we could even pile up bodies, shed blood and go to any extent' to achieve our goal.

BJP Bathinda Urban President Vinod Kumar Binta led the rally. Against Ravneet Bittu, BJP employees shouted slogans. The leaders of the BJP have submitted a complaint to the police against Ravneet Bittu seeking registration of the case against him for making an inflammatory comment. They reported that the protesting farmers were instigated by Bittu.

The leaders of the BJP sought registration of a case against him under different sections for making inflammatory statements. Garg alleged that MP Ravneet Singh Bittu of Congress is working to tarnish the nation's unity, dignity and secular image. By making comments during the ongoing dialogue between the farmers and the centre, he is hell-bent on creating a volatile environment.