Bhandara Fire Tragedy: Times Now speaks to eyewitnesses; No FIR filed after 24 hours of the incident

The brutal tragedy that took place in Bhandara, Maharashtra, has been a gut-wrenching incident, 24 hours after 10 newborn babies died in a massive fire that broke out in a civil hospital, the police are yet to file an FIR. Times Now has exposed how an RTI that was filed in 2018 revealed that the hospital lacked basic fire safety equipment. It is evident that the lapses existed for two long years, and no action was taken. Times Now speaks to the hospital staff who was found sleeping. One of the eyewitnesses reveals that one of the biggest lapses was that the fire alarm that goes off due to smoke, no alarm was installed there, had the siren gone off, an incident like this would not have happened. Watch the video to know more!