Beyond Call of Duty: Traffic Policeman Hailed for Cleaning Clogged Drain with Bare Hands

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Fearing a traffic gridlock, a Malaysian police officer literally went beyond the call of duty when he cleaned a clogged drain with his bare hands. The Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement (JSPT) recently posted on its Facebook page a video, which showed a traffic police officer scooping out rubbish from a blocked drainage following heavy downpour.

Netizens were full of admiration for the officer’s selfless act, according to New Strait Times. “Thank you Tuan. May God bless your kind soul,” wrote one, while another commented, “He has taken his responsibilities beyond his normal duties. We need more of this officer in our administrative systems. Kudos to this officer.”

The JSPT’s chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Azisman Alias also hailed the police officer identified as Lans Koperal Mohd Amirul Mohd for his dedication. “We encourage our officers to give their best to the community even when it goes beyond our scope of duty. When the officer passed that area and saw the blockage could trigger a bigger flood and traffic jam, he did what needed to be done,” he added.

“Any officer who performs a good deed will receive a letter of appreciation and will be considered for promotion, as encouragement. We want more of our officers to behave in a noble way,” the chief was quoted as saying.

A JSPT spokesman said that the video had been shared on Facebook to encourage other officers to help the public beyond what their duty demands.