Beyhadh 21 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Fakes Sudden Death To Escape The Jail

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Beyhadh 21 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Fakes Sudden Death To Escape The Jail

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As Beyhadh is heading for its finale in October, the makers are promising high intense drama before Zayed Khan’s Haasil or Ek Deewana Tha replaces Beyhadh. Kushal Tandon essays the role of Arjun Sharma and Aneri Vajani essays the character Saanjh Mathur-Sharma. Jennifer Winget‘s character Maya Mehrotra has finally made a comeback and plots to kill Saanjh. There is an additional member on the show Arohi, who is Ayan’s daughter but is raised by Arjun and Saanjh as their own. Read what happened today in  Beyhadh.

In the last episode, we see that a journalist asks Arjun a question about his past relationship with Maya, which irks him and he throws the journalist out of his house. Since Arohi has heard the name, she is keen on knowing who’s this Maya. As it becomes too difficult for the family to handle the situation they make up a story and tell Arohi. Yet, the family fears that Arohi shouldn’t go through what they have gone through. Meanwhile, Arjun

Meanwhile, Arjun apologises to Sanjh as he reacted in such an extreme way. He tells her that he shouldn’t have behaved like he did with the journalist but he could not control his anger when he heard her name. As Sanjh forgives Arjun, she also tells him that she craves for those days when Arjun was a duffer and she was his dusky. She wants the Maya chapter to close and want to move on in life. While Sanjh feels Maya may have changed in five years but Arjun, who has closely known the psycho woman, refuses to agree to Sanjh. ALSO READ: (Beyhadh 20 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Finds Out A Way To Reach Arjun Once Again)

On the other hand, in the jail, Maya has been found unconscious. When the doctor came to check her, she declares Maya to be dead. Earlier in the day, Maya kills her friend. So they take both the corpses to the morgue so as to get the autopsy done. While Maya and her friend’s corpses are stored in the room, we see Maya wakes up. Well, I still wonder how. It’s not that easy to hold your breath that long but anyhoo, let’s wait to see how has she managed to do that in the coming episodes. Watch this space for more updates.