Beware! Some Instagram pages offering cashback and gift vouchers as part of Republic Day deals could be scamming you

Before this, all images or videos sent on the chat could be replayed once and then they would disappear, just like any media sent on Snapchat.

With the many e-commerce sites having their sales around the Republic Day, you might just be tempted by that unreal offer while browsing through your Instagram feed. But if you are not careful with these offers, there's a chance that you may get scammed.

According to reports, there are many fake offers circulating on >Instagram which are giving away vouchers worth Rs 3,999 on Myntra for sharing its page or Rs 9,000 gift vouchers for Amazon for liking their page and so on.

These fake pages, according to the >report by Economic Times, are tricking users into liking their pages with fake enticing offers from e-commerce or e-wallet giants and gain momentum by the popularity of the latter.

Indrajeet Bhuyan, an independent cybersecurity researcher who looks for vulnerabilities on social media networks said in an interview with ET, "This is something which happens quite often and these bogus cashback are the most recent. None of these are official handles and they keep propping up during the holiday season and flagship sales of these companies".

Fake pages like AmazogoIndia got up to 20K followers in the first week after giving out bogus gift vouchers of Amazon, according to ET.

The steps are quite simple. You are expected to like the page and mention the page in your story to be eligible for a gift voucher.

According to Bhuyan, after the page gets around 10,000 or more likes, the scamsters change the name of the handle and the account is sold for around Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000. The fake pages are named after popular e-commerce sites, some examples being Paytm Deals, Flipkart Official, Amazon Voucher and so on.

The report says that Paytm and Flipkart are working on actively banning these fake pages alongside Instagram so that more people are not duped.

Instagram has said that it has automated and manual systems to help contain suspicious activity. It said that if a violating activity is caught, Instagram counters and prevents it including by blocking accounts


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