Beware Delhi Police, some of them might become lawyers: Twitterati react to 'lathi charge' on JNU students

New Delhi: On Monday, several denizens of Twitter called out Delhi Police for what they felt was excessive use of force against students of JNU who were protesting.

Journalist Faye D’Souza wrote on Twitter: “Dear ANI, This is not a "Clash" . This is the police using force and lathis on protestors. The right to protest is a democratic right in India. We won our independence through peaceful protest. Remember!.”

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Many remembered the recent clashes with lawyers and wondered whether Delhi Police were acting more brutally with students. Check out the tweet below:

Delhi Police PRO MS Randhawa said that they will inquire into lathi-charge allegations levelled by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students during their protest today.

"We will inquire into allegations of lathi charge by students. They broke some barricades due to which some police personnel also injured," Randhawa told ANI when asked about lathi-charge allegations.

"We are talking with their leaders for mediation on demands. Sufficient force has been deployed. We have told JNU students that they should not break the law. The people are facing problems as they have blocked a road. Hopefully, we will resolve this soon," he said.

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