Betaal Actor Viineet Kumar: 'Generally, A Military Character Is Made Larger Than Life And Glamourised So Much'

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Produced by Shah Rukh Khan, Betaal, a 4 part miniseries, has dropped on Netflix. The show follows a military officer, Vikram, played by the uber-talented and terrifically handsome, Viineet Kumar, who has to fight off British-era zombies who have escaped from their age-old quarantine. Interesting plot, right? In a recent interview with The Indian Express, the actor, who shot to fame with Mukkabaaz, said he tried to play the character of army personnel differently. "There’s a stereotype we see onscreen around a character from defense. So my attempt was to portray it differently," Viineet said. Viineet Kumar Spends His New Year’s Eve with Underprivileged Kids.

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"I could see Vikram Sirohi as someone with a dark past that haunts him, he is struggling to come out of it because he is unable to share it with anyone. Sometimes Vikram is confused, sometimes he’s scared, but when everything gets clear, he is a different person," Vineet shared.

He further explained, "Also generally, a military character is made larger than life and glamourised so much. When I spoke to my friends from the defense, they told me they come across such encounters only 2-3 times in their careers, otherwise, they just keep themselves prepared." Betaal Review: Viineet Kumar Fights The Walking Dead in Shah Rukh Khan’s Nerve-Racking but Thrilling Netflix Zombie Series.

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Betaal, co-produced by Blumhouse, has received a mixed response from the audience and the critics. "Within just four episodes, Betaal manages to create a nerve-racking horror series with plenty of homages and metaphors. If you are a fan of puny humans taking on the might of flesh-eating undead, Betaal provides enough moments of such guilty pleasures, with enough blood and gore. The series is streaming on Netflix," Latestly's in-house film critic, Sreeju Sudhakaran wrote in his review.