5 Offbeat Movies/Shows To Stream On Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar To Distract Yourself From Lockdown

Ankur Pathak
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A still from 'Feel Good'
A still from 'Feel Good'

21 days of lockdown is a fairly long time. But it’s also not too long when you consider just how much content there is to binge-watch on different streaming platforms—which have seen a spike in subscribers since people began social distancing.

To cope with the self-isolation, here’s an off-beat list that has British shows and Brazilian dramas and American documentaries.

Feel Good - Netflix

Created by Canadian comedienne Mae Martin, and Joe Hampson, Feel Good is a British show, originally made for Channel 4, and distributed by Netflix globally. The show explores the complexities of a queer person’s adventures and mis(adventures) in finding love and belonging as they battle problems of addiction and parental ambivalence. Co-creator Mae Martin plays one of the protagonists (the show is semi-autobiographical) and is terrific in her part as is Charlotte Ritchie, who plays their lover, and Lisa Kurdrow.

Other than its razor-sharp wit and occasionally dark humour, the victory of Feel Good is how it compels us to constantly shift our allegiance between characters as they gently reveal themselves. It also creates a highly believable love story where, many times, we see that neither of the two people are wrong in their respective positions. Love is messy, complex, irrational, stupid, repulsive and yet, it’s what we end up rooting for. Feel Good gets that.

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The Outsider - Hotstar

Based on the Stephen King novel by the same name (but adapted with some changes), The Outsider is good old HBO slowburn, the kind that’s delicious and terrifying in equal measure. On the surface, it’s similar to Broadchurch, the terrific Olivia Colman show, also about an investigation into a young boy’s murder—it’s on Netflix and you should watch it if you haven’t already—but The Outsider goes much darker, into spooky, supernatural territory while still being committed to authenticity. Developed by...

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