Best Selling Author and International Keynote Speaker Launches His Book On Imparting Wisdom From Parent To Child

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When Matt DiGeronimo became a father at the age of 45, he began penning letters to his newborn son to ensure his guidance and wisdom would always remain a part of Hunter’s life. Released for the first time as a compilation of fifty letters, Dear Hunter, is both a touching message from father to son and a way to explore the philosophy of living well with those who follow after us.

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In Dear Hunter,, DiGeronimo holds the hand of his young son and transports him across time for a heartfelt discussion of life’s many complexities. From mental health to courage, finance to love, DiGeronimo approaches each topic with sensitivity, simplicity, and grace. As an older parent, Dear Hunter, is part of DiGeronimo’s family legacy, a gift he shares with readers seeking to discover the wisdom in a father’s love.

Dear Hunter, is perfect for parents who are looking for guidance on how to talk to their children about life lessons and philosophy. With simple language and unassuming humor, DiGeronimo is at once realistic and optimistic in his advice for future generations.

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About the book

Reviewers describe Dear Hunter, as “beautifully written” and praise DiGeronimo’s ability to tackle challenging topics with honesty. His personal stories emphasize the importance of knowing yourself, being able to laugh at failure, and persevering, always. Through Hunter’s lifetime and well beyond, DiGeronimo’s powerful, universal messages will remain evergreen. Interested readers can purchase Dear Hunter on