The best films on TV today: Sunday, 21 June

The Imitation Game, All The Money In The World, Charlie Wilson's War.

Astonishing true stories, Lovecraftian love-letters and family favourites as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday, 21 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

The Duke protects a woman and her niece from an imminent onslaught and the amorous interests of his soldiers She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 9:55am Sony Movies

Escaped infant outsmarts criminals crew in John Hughes unashamedly enjoyable adventure Baby's Day Out 10:00am E4

Forces’ Sweetheart Vera Lynn stars in semi-autobiographical, morale-boosting, slice of nostalgia We’ll Meet Again 10:45am Sony Movies

Time traveling Oedipus woos mum, brutalises manure-chomping bully, invents rock ‘n’ roll and befriends suicidal Doc to hit 88mph Back to the Future 11:00am Film4

Time-slipped boy awakens years after disappearing to inventive engaging alien adventure: mercurial mystery Flight of the Navigator 12:00pm SyFy

Heath Ledger pretends to be noble, jousts it all up and woos girl in intentionally anachronistic sports adventure A Knight's Tale 1:15pm Channel 5

James Coburn, Brad Dexter, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Horst Buchholz, Robert Vaughn and Charles Bronson on the set of The Magnificent Seven, directed by John Sturges. (Photo by United Artists/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Heroic hearse-hauling, lead-dealing, arithmetic-liking, Seven Samurai-remaking wondrous western perfection The Magnificent Seven 2:00pm BBC Two

Chinese sheriff and American gigolo prat fall, Kung fu and sexy pillow fight around London in anachronistic comedy Shanghai Knights 2:45pm Sony Movies

Three musketeers plot vengeance upon wicked king Leonardo DiCaprio with help of secret twin in sword stabby fun The Man in the Iron Mask 3:55pm Channel 5

Lights in the sky, melodic mystery and mashed potato mountains herald the arrival of aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind 4:00pm SyFy

Fearing abandonment, monstrous hotelier tries to instil seeds of terror in mixed-race grandson in family fun Hotel Transylvania 2 5:10pm ITV2

Closeted maths prodigy navigates murky cause and consequence of cryptography in remarkable tragic true story The Imitation Game 6:45pm Film 4

Despondent with affluenza and ennui, callow African prince seeks woman of worth in unforgiving New-York neighbourhood: Astute fish-out-of-water comedy Coming to America 9:00pm Comedy Central

Playboy politician persuader’s Afghan arming policy for exploding helicopters literally causes Soviet downfall Charlie Wilson's War 9:00pm Sky Atlantic

Tom Cruise’s new dream job drops him in-between vicious mafia overlords and unforgiving FBI agents in top Grisham drama The Firm 9:00pm 5 Star

Daughter-in-law of rapacious money hoarder struggles to convince estranged billionaire to pay his grandson’s ransom in astonishingly true ear-slicing tale All the Money in the World 9:00pm Channel 4

Anarchic, irresponsible duo must mentor boob obsessed street kid and RPG obsessed nerd in top double odd couple comedy Role Models 11:00pm ITV4

Honeypotted idiot and ambitious exec face North Korean charm offensive in exquisite assassination farce The Interview 11:15pm Comedy Central

Railroaded by callous career criminal, four low level credit card fraudsters devise diamond heist to buy their lives and freedom in tight, character led true-tale Plastic 11:20pm Film4

Loyalty and duty clash causing turmoil and confliction for undercover mob infiltrator Johnny Depp in amazingly true story Donnie Brasco 12:35pm Sony Movies

Hospital besieged patients and medics endure tentacled transcendental onslaught in visceral and vicious loveletter to Lovecraft The Void 00:40am Horror Channel

Simple small town family seek dirt to fight corrupt land usurping mayor in deft and detailed exploration of powerlessness and power Leviathan 1:00am BBC Two

Mysteriously causing deaths of those immediately around him, amnesiac seeks enigmatic answers in uncommon, off-kilter curio Radius 1:30am Horror Channel

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