Bengaluru: Yamraj does Kiki, only to warn you against it!

Pallabi Chatterjee

Bengaluru: Yamraj does Kiki, only to warn you against it!

14 Aug 2018: Bengaluru: Yamraj does Kiki, only to warn you against it!

That the Kiki challenge, which entails you to dance beside a slowly-moving car, has gone viral is no news. It is also a no-brainer that it's extremely dangerous.

Authorities like Mumbai Police, Dubai police, etc, have warned people against it.

Now, a Bengaluru-based RJ has gone a step ahead and produced a video based on the challenge, featuring Yamraj, the Hindu god of death.

Kiki challenge: Yamraj is quite a good dancer; do check that out

The video starts with two boys, one of them probably the RJ, putting on the Canadian singer Drake's song 'In my feelings,' on which the challenge started.

As soon as he gets out of his car to do the dance, Yamraj rushes towards him, forcing him to sit inside, while he dances menacingly.

Quite a good dancer Yamraj is!

Valid question: "Bengaluru's traffic, potholes, how will you do it?"

Afterwards, the RJ Sriram Sullia, his friend and Yamraj pleaded not to try the Kiki challenge.

Sullia quipped, "Bengaluru's traffic, potholes, how will you do it," while Yamraj warned of 'serious action' if he caught anyone trying it.

This isn't the first time Yamraj has visited Bengaluru. Last month, he was invited to ask people to follow rules, or get openly invited to Yamlok.

Stay away!: Not everything on Internet is good, Kiki challenge proves that!

Meanwhile, the Kiki challenge, which was started by Internet comedian Shiggy in June, has caught up with people massively.

Several Instagram celebrities, like Adah Sharma, Karishma Sharma, Norah Fatehi, and even Rakhi Sawant have tried their hand in this challenge. Sawant did it midair (yes, you read it right!)

Several casualties and injuries were also reported in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, UP, Jaipur, etc.