Bengaluru Women Volunteers are Delivering Menstrual, Contraceptive Products to Women Stuck at Home

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Bengaluru: Ever since the second wave of Covid 19 hit hard on Bengaluru, several NGOs and help groups have stepped in and are helping people to tide over the crisis. There are numerous helpline numbers where people can reach out for food, groceries, clothes and any essentials. Members of such groups either arrange the goods themselves or just pick them up for the families that need the delivery.

The Good Quest Foundation is one such NGO that has been doing a commendable job of helping people through the crisis, especially women. They have set up a helpline to meet the essential requirements of people and women in particular.

It all started after the NGO got a call from a woman who called the helpline and said she needed something. The call was answered by a male operator. The woman, however, said she was not comfortable speaking and dropped the call abruptly.

Vinod, who answered the call asked his fellow volunteer Felcy to take the call. Felcy called back the lady and asked if there was anything she wanted to say. Knowing it was another woman on the other side of the phone, the lady hesitatingly asked if she could get her some sanitary napkins. Felcy delivered the package herself to their doorstep and was happy to see that they were relieved.

Many such incidents where women callers were uncomfortable discussing their personal needs with male helpline operators have surfaced in the recent past. “In such cases, we attend the call, enquire what they need and deliver it to their homes. There are several women who are on their own with no one else to help them. We were not aware of their situations until such calls came in. Now, we specifically reach out to such females on priority,” says Felcy.

Few other help groups have also included females to deliver essentials to such homes where women aren't comfortable meeting men. Few women who are on treatments for various gynecological problems are finding it difficult to procure necessary materials. Such women are relieved after speaking to female volunteers at the other end who facilitate, says Navya another volunteer who has reached out to quite a number of women on PCOD medication which also involves contraceptive pills.

“Asking anyone to get contraceptive pills isn't something most women are comfortable with, especially the ones from lower financial groups. I know they will need those pills since I was also under such medications a few years ago. Hence I ask them what did their Gynac prescribe and drop the medicine bags at their doorstep if they are positive or isolated,” Navya adds.​

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