Bengaluru steel flyover project is dead! Says Development Minister KJ George

Devyani Sultania
Bengaluru steel flyover project is dead! Says Development Minister KJ George

Bengaluru Development Minister KJ George said on Thursday that the steel flyover project has been shelved. The 7 km-long flyover would not be constructed in the city. The state government had planned to build the steel bridge to avoid road congestion and make it easy for people to travel to the airport. 

Citizens and activists across Bengaluru had been protesting against the construction of the flyover since October 2016. Protests were staged across the city against the huge amount of money involved, estimated at Rs 1,800 crore, as well as the lack of planning in the project that was said to require cutting of over 800 trees.

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The shelving of the steel flyover project comes as a huge victory for the citizens of Bengaluru who had been protesting consistently against it.

Priya Chetty Rajagopal, the executive director - leadership and board practice at RGF Executive Search, told International Business Times India: "It's an important victory since the decision by the Karnataka government is a deep reflection in pragmatism. The decision has come late but I am glad that it has. It is like the government saying that 'it's our people' and 'it's our voices' and 'we're listening to you'."

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Chetty added: "The decision is a symbolic one since it has moved from building a steel flyover in the city to building a bridge between the government and its citizens. I am grateful to the citizens for investing so much of their energy and effort into the campaign."

Chetty also emphasised that there is a sense of "greyness" among the citizens of Bengaluru on how much has already been lost. "We have waited for so long (for the project to be shelved). Honestly, there is a level of exhaustion and a sense of how much of resources and intelligence has been wasted. But I'm glad that the voices of citizens were finally heard by the Karnataka government."

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