Bengaluru: SM Krishna's grand-nephew Nirantar Ganesh joins Congress

Nirantar Ganesh, a doctor by profession and grand-nephew of SM Krishna joined the Congress in Bengaluru.

After SM Krishna's exit from the Congress and many senior leaders close to him praising the BJP and PM Narendra Modi, one would have thought that the logical step for his grand-nephew's political aspirations would be with the BJP but Nirantar Ganesh took everyone by surprise. Ganesh not only joined the Congress but also brought along more than 40 doctors with him to the party fold.

Hailing from Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru district, Ganesh is an Orthopaedician at a private hospital in Bengaluru. As part of his social service initiative, he provides free medical treatment to people in villages of Kadur twice a week.

"Having been brought up in a family with deep roots in the Congress and its ideology, it was difficult for me to join any other party," he tells India Today. Although he said that he had a discussion with his granduncle SM Krishna, who was with the Congress for decades, but decided against taking that offer to join the BJP. "He said he would put my name in the followers list but my conscience did not let me go," he added.

There are talks that Ganesh could likely be the Congress candidate from Kadur constituency in the 2018 polls but when asked about this, he said that he joined the party to strengthen its hold at the grassroot level.


For the new Congressman, the party and the people of his constituency will always come first. Ganesh said that even if it comes to a point where he might be called upon to take on SM Krishna in the field, he will not hesitate to do so.

KPCC Working President Dinesh Gundurao inducted Ganesh along with many others in the party.

"Dr Ganesh had expressed his intention to take the plunge into politics for more than 5-6 months and it was only recently that it was finalised. Gundurao added that even though Ganesh happens to be related to SM Krishna but that would not change anything as he is involved in his own social work and has his own personality.

(With inputs from Sharan KA)

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