Bengaluru school choir’s viral performance of ‘Believer’ impresses Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds

The choir's rendition of the 2017 hit is being praised a lot online and was acknowledged by Imagine Dragon's lead singer.

A video of an all-girls school choir from Bengaluru singing the Imagine Dragons hit 'Believer' has taken social media by storm, with the band's lead singer also commenting on it.

In the video that's going viral on Facebook, the choir from the St Charles High School is seen singing the song perfectly as they are accompanied by a violinist.

The video was shared online by Elizabeth George, a teacher from the school, and has been viewed over 8 lakh times since it was posted. The video was recorded at a practice session for the Platinum Jubilee Concert in the school.

Here's the viral video: 

The video then caught the attention of Imagine Dragons' lead vocalist Dan Reynolds. He tweeted saying it was "so beautiful", and thanked the teacher for sharing the video.

On social media, people praised the girls in the choir as well as the conductor Donnah George and violin player Dennis George.