Bengaluru Police to Train and Recruit Stray Dogs That Will Soon Assist the Force

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Bengaluru Police will now recruit and train stray dogs so that they can accompany the police force during patrolling at night and guard the police stations. The initiative, which has been categorically undertaken by the Bengaluru Police’s South Division, has 17 police stations under its jurisdiction.

The idea is said to be Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Rohini Katoch Sepat’s brain child. According to The New Indian Express, Rohini said that around 50-60 stray dogs used to wander around the police station. Locals would feed and take care of them and so now they too want to do their bit by doing this.

Further, the police officer said that the department has started feeding them and the dogs are soon going to be given basic training by dog squad experts so that they can obey some basic commands. Once they have basic training the dogs can accompany the personnel for patrolling as that will instill a fear in the minds of miscreants. Moreover, she added that these dogs are easy to maintain unlike the exotic breed dogs and slowly these dogs are getting into shape too.

A bunch of dogs, who are trained in this period, will also be sent to be a part of the dog squad.