Bengaluru Police Deploys Jon Snow, Darth Vader on Social Media

Bengaluru police is hitting the message home with popular culture tropes like Darth Vader and Jon Snow in its PSAs.

Bengaluru City Police Department has been winning the internet lately. And no, it’s not just their promptness of service that’s working the charm. Their choice of weapon is their sassy sense of humour.

Taking a cue from their Mumbai counterpart, the Bengaluru City Police have also decided to draw public attention on social media by converting mundane updates from the department to humorous episodes of sarcasm, puns, and of course, memes.

Take a look at this one, using Darth Vader cheekily to talk about road safety.

And this one, straight from Narcos.

Besides these, they are also hitting home with references to Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and IPL.

These rib-tickling memes not only help Bengaluru police spread the message, they drive an otherwise boring message home.

Word has it that it is the first city police department to have a Snapchat handle.

And an Instagram account.

Folks Behind The Tweets:

According to a TOI report, the police department has outsourced two specialists to ramp up their social media game.

"Uniformed policemen are no longer handling the accounts. Instead, a young team of social media operators is doing the job. The response to new tweets has been good. We are adding at least 1,000 followers on a daily basis," police commissioner Praveen Sood told the media.

The report also added that while the social media wizards handle the account to interact with the public, cops still monitor the feeds to respond to distress calls and emergencies.