Bengaluru Police Commissioner’s viral tweet on pizza deliveries sparks debate

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Raising the issue of safety, Police Commissioner Bengaluru tweeted asking netizens whether getting a free pizza was worth a person risking his life for it. (Source: Getty Images)

Given the number of outlets that offers pizza for free if it's not delivered 30 minutes after being ordered, Bengaluru's Police Commissioner tweeted that it was time to evaluate whether it was worth asking delivery persons to risk their lives just to stick to the deadline.

IPS officer Bhaskar Rao's tweet asked people whether they have the heart to take a free pizza from a delivery person for failing to meet the deadline. Rao also said he was considering asking pizza companies to extend the deadline to 40 minutes given the risks delivery persons take.

"Do we have the heart to get a free pizza from a kid who is risking his life just because he crossed over 30 minutes? I am seriously considering asking Pizza companies to make it 40 minutes as these kids risk their lives by breaking all Traffic rules," he wrote in the tweet.

Many agreed with Rao and criticised delivery companies for putting extreme pressure on employees.

"It's a stupid concept, particularly in a service industry that penalises its staff for reasons beyond their control. The pressure it puts on the delivery mechanism as well as unrealistic expectations from customer end, motivated by a consumerist freeloader culture, is ridiculous!" user @MeDamselDee tweeted in response.

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