Bengaluru’s ‘Mercy Angels’ gives dignified send off to COVID-19 victims as per their religion

Bengaluru, Jun 29(ANI): COVID-19 has posed several challenges before the country among which performing the last rites of the patients who succumb to the disease is the major one. In many cases the family of a deceased is in quarantine itself, while in few the family may not be willing to accept the body of the patient as the contamination levels are too high and there are even chances of fatal infection if not handled with care. In such a situation, Volunteers from Mercy Mission, a Bengaluru based charitable organisation that was launched about four months back, have stepped in to give COVID-19 victims a dignified send-off. Led by Dr Taha Mateen who is also the head of the HBS Hospital in Bengaluru, these volunteers, famously known as ‘Mercy Angels’ have been working relentlessly to perform the last rites of those killed by the infectious disease. Irrespective of the caste and community of the deceased, they perform the last rites and never let the religious barriers come in the way of their duty. The team has a dedicated ambulance and practices high hygiene standards while dealing with the bodies. They wear Personal Protective Equipments and sanitise their vehicles and equipment every time. Though the task is risky but Mercy Angels remain undeterred in their efforts to serve the society.