Bengaluru man kills son as part of 'suicide pact,' video captured by daughter

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Bengaluru man kills son as part of 'suicide pact,' video captured by daughter

A 48-year-old man was arrested by Bengaluru police after a video of him hanging his 12-year-old son from the ceiling fan went viral. According to the police, the incident was part of a ‘suicide pact’ planned by the man.

In the disturbing video, 48-year-old Suresh Babu is seen smothering his 12-year-old son’s face with a pillow. The boy fell unconscious. In a second video, Suresh Babu is seen hanging him from the ceiling fan at their residence in Vibhutipura near HAL. The father then hugs his son, who is suspended from the fan and appears to be dead.

“Baba (Father), please don’t do this. I beg you. Please leave him,” the boy’s 17-year-old sister is heard saying, and her helpless cries are heard throughout the video.

The mother and sister –  the latter was capturing the video – were heard crying in the video. The boy’s mother, Geeta Bai, is seen banging her head against the wall after the death of the child. Soon after, Geeta Bai too took her own life.

The entire incident caught on camera was part of a ‘suicide pact’ that the man had hatched to escape indebtedness, the police said.

According to the police, Suresh Babu worked as a sales executive in a private firm and Geeta Bai, who worked as a cook in a few households, also ran a chit fund, which was running under severe loss. The family had allegedly accumulated a debt of Rs 5 lakh, which they were unable to pay off.

On Saturday evening, investors in the chit fund business had allegedly visited their home, demanding that Geeta and Suresh return their money, police said. With debtors breathing down their neck, the couple allegedly decided to end their lives.

“We have questioned the girl. She says that her mother took her own life too after her son died. She was the third in line, after which the father had planned to hang himself,” an investigating officer said.

The 17-year-old girl began screaming for help when her father tried to hang her as well, which alerted the neighbours, who rushed to her rescue. However, Suresh Babu allegedly informed them that his wife and son had taken their own lives. At around 2.30 pm on Sunday, Suresh Babu was making arrangements for the funeral, when the local media, which had heard about the incident, went to his residence.

“Initially, the media too was under the impression that it was a suicide. One reporter from Raj News asked Suresh Babu for a picture of the mother and son. He gave them his phone and asked them to transfer it. Suresh did not know that his daughter had recorded the entire incident. The journalist found the video and immediately called the HAL Police Inspector,” a senior police official told TNM.

The Inspector was on leave and when there was no response from any senior police officials, the local media aired the story on Sunday evening. Additional Commissioner of Police (East), Seemanth Kumar Singh, then demanded that DCP Abdul Ahad take charge of the case immediately.

Suresh Babu was arrested on Sunday night and his daughter was taken in for questioning. Suresh Babu has been booked for murder and will be produced before the magistrate later on Monday.