Bengaluru: Local party organises pothole walkathon to review condition of roads

The situation of potholes in Bengaluru doesn't seem to be improving. Bengaluru's traffic hold-ups keep getting worse courtesy the potholes on the city's roads.

After BBMP's claims about only 27 potholes remaining to be filled in Bengaluru, a local political outfit has taken upon themselves to expose the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMC). Nav Bharat Democratic Party, a local political group organised the Pothole Walkathon on Sunday. The group wanted to review the condition of the Bengaluru roads.

According to the Nav Bharat Democratic Party, they conducted a pothole walkathon for a stretch of 3 km at the Koramangala. In just 3 km, they found 50 potholes.

"We have checked the quality of work and found out BBMP just fooled all of us," said one of the party member.

They also pointed out that the road in front of Koramangala club was inaugurated a week ago and is already damaged. The party has decided to continue the Pothole Walkathon every Sunday to expose BBMP.

According to official figures, 15,935 was the number of potholes in the city in October, The Hindu reported. The condition of roads in Bengaluru causes a lot of trouble for the people of the city. Many directives by the Chief Minister's office and even the suspension of 3 BBMC employees did not help in changing the situation as well.