Bengaluru: Cars disappear into 10-feet high waves of foam as lakes froth again [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Sriparna Ghosh

Bengaluru's Bellandur and Varthur lakes are infamous for spewing foul-smelling froth, but the heavy rains on the Independence Day night have worsened their condition, and have caused the lakes to foam like never before.

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Bengaluru experienced its heaviest rainfall in 127 years on Independence Day, which left many parts of the city water logged. The toxic chemicals and untreated sewage in the lakes reportedly gave rise to over 10 feet of foam.

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While the foam from the Varthur lake spilled on to the Whitefield road near Varthur Kodi junction, plumes of foam also entered the road adjacent to the Bellandur Lake.

Varthur Lake

Varthur lake, which is one of Bengaluru's largest lake is spread over 445 acres. There have been several instances of the lake spilling froth.

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Though a netted fence has been built around the lake to keep the foam from entering the roads, heavy rains have destroyed the fence causing huge clouds of foam, which blocked the roads near Varthur causing traffic jam.

"The water current was so strong that it has destroyed the fence and the mud wall. Water flowing from Bellandur to Varthur has also entered the empty land adjacent to it," a resident near Varthur told NDTV

Belandur Lake

Belandur lake frothing

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday the Belandur Lake spewed out waves of froth which blanketed cars on the roads and left the neighbourhood stinking.

According to The New Indian Express report, the city's fire department sprinkled water to control froth from spilling over to the main road on Wednesday.

Residents near Belandur lake are being forced to stay indoors due to toxic nature of the foam. Other residents are also thinking of moving out of the area, according to reports.

"I am vacating this house. Tuesday was the last straw. We've been living here for the past eight months and cannot bear the stench anymore," Swami P, who lives in a house right behind the high nets fencing the lake told NIE.

The NGT in April had also ordered all industries around Bellandur Lake to shut down and had said that a fine of Rs 5 lakh will be imposed on anyone found dumping waste in and around the lake.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that the problem will be solved within one or two years.

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