Bengaluru Karate coaches living in troubling times as COVID-19 shut all sports centres

Bengaluru, Jun 09 (ANI): COVID-19 has shut almost all sports activities and fitness centres across the world. Even as sports activities are yet to resume in India amid the rising cases of coronavirus, Karate coaches in Bengaluru are facing hardships as schools and coaching classes remain suspended to limit further spread of the deadly virus. A Karate coach Firoz Khan, narrating his sorrow, said, "We've been sitting at home since 3 months. We know only karate and nothing else. We have no other source of income." Khan, however, explained that they were running the classes during normal times by maintaining double-arm distance, and if the need arises amid the pandemic, they can stretch it to triple-arm distance to ensure safety of students and everyone else. "Government should allow us to conduct our coaching classes. Apartments and societies are not allowing the entry of instructors," Khan pleaded while making his case for the reopening of Karate coaching classes.