Bengaluru: Encroachments on rise as govt fails to demarcate lake, storm water drains

The lake of demarcation is hampering the work of setting up buzzer zones as mandated by the NGT.

Considering the present situation in Bengaluru, it won't be too long before most of our lakes are lost forever. Regardless of the National Green Tribune (NGT) orders to state government, protests by lake activists and campaigns in the media, encroachment goes on without any stoppage.

In Thubrahalli village, the water flows from the upstream Bellandur lake to the downstream Varthur lake. In this area, the water flow in narrow streams due to the alleged land grabbing. It is an outcome of construction and demolition waste being dumped near the storm water drains.

"Prima facie, it looks there are serious violations of the NGT guidelines," said Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO of Namma Bengaluru Foundation. Pabbisetty blamed the government for creating the confusion by not making it clear where exactly is the lake and storm water drain boundary for them to create a buffer zone.

This case in particular seems like either local builders or contractors are using the area to dump their construction and demolition waste to entirely destroy the streams in the area and divert its natural flow.

According to him, builders have a free run in the state and city and have literally captured governance today. "They (builders) have power over the BDA, BBMP and the state government," he said adding it's the citizens who end up suffering due to the after effects.

The need of the hour is for the government to take physical possession of the lakes and begin the fencing work on the double. This will help solve most of the problems of rampant encroachment and illegalities taking place with the alleged knowledge of the civic authorities.


Officials of the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority(KLCDA) visited the spot and promised action will be taken. G Vidyasagar, CEO, KLCDA has instructed the Revenue department to first establish the lake boundary after which the BDA must take action. 'I have requested the respective authorities and hopefully action will be taken in 2-4 days,' he said.

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