This Bengaluru cab driver is breaking the internet as he speaks Sanskrit so fluently!

Madhuri Adnal

Bengaluru, June 14: In a viral video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, this Bengaluru cab driver has just reminded us of the beauty of Sanskrit language, the rich language of ancient India, as he speaks each and every word in Sanskrit so fluently. He has definitely won the internet's hearts with his amazing vocabulary.


The viral 45-second-clip of the cab driver, Mallappa V P, was posted on Twitter by Girish Bharadwaja, whose Twitter bio describes him as an entrepreneur, belonging from Vishwa Hindu Parishad (an Indian right-wing Hindu nationalist organisation, VHU).

The video clip shows the Mallappa conversing with a passenger in Sanskrit.

It is learnt that Mallappa holds a Master degree in Sanskrit from Sri Chamarajendra Samskrita Graduation and Post Graduation Center in Chamarajpet, Bengaluru. He supplements his income by driving an ola cab in the evening.

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Mallappa is fluent in Sanskrit as well as in Kannada.

Ever since the video has been posted, netizens can't stop gushing about the cabbie.

It is sad that how today we are in a rush to brace foreign languages, neglecting the rich culture that our nation is actually famous for.

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