Bengaluru Businessman Crashes Lamborghini into Police Kiosk, Returns to Take Photos with Debris

A businessman in Bengaluru hit a police kiosk in with his brand new Lamborghini car and even managed to escape, only to be caught thanks to his own vanity after he returned to the site to click photos with the debris.

Sunny Sabharwal, 30, was driving his Lamborghini Gallardo from MG Road to RT Nagar on Sunday when he apparently lost control of the wheels and rammed into a police kiosk in CTO Circle.

While there were no injuries as kiosk as empty at the time, the crash left a gaping hole in the kiosk and also destroyed property including chairs that were inside the kiosk, The News Minute reported.

While Sabharwal managed to slip into the gathering crowd and disappear, his hubris seems to have got the better of him. After images from the crash went viral, Sabharwal returned to the spot later when it was empty and clicked photos with the kiosk's debris. He even had his thumbs up as he posed and posted the images on social media.

Bengaluru Police was instantly on the culprit's tail and tracked him down using CCTV footage and the photos he posted on social media.

Sabharwal, who is a co-director at Fun World and Resorts India Private Limited, was booked for negligent driving. However, the businessman is now out on bail.