Bengal BJP candidate adopts different approach for campaigning

Sankar Ghosh, a BJP candidate from Siliguri, for the upcoming assembly elections in West Bengal, is leading his campaign in a different way. Ghosh was seen playing drums in streets and drawing graffiti of party symbol lotus on the walls of the city, to make people aware about his candidature. He was also seen walking on the streets bowing his hand and shaking hands with a kid, touching feet of a street rickshaw-puller and distributing pamphlets. "I am only a candidate. Seat is not given to me, it's been given to BJP. There are no challenges faced by us here, there is a different form of excitement in people of Bengal for BJP government. BJP Government would come in power with 200 seats and would also win Siliguri Municipal Corporation elections. BJP would lead in three forms of government- at centre, state and local level. And we all together would give Bengal a new face," Ghosh said. "People are supporting BJP with full excitement and BJP workers along with the public are also saying a new government would come in power and we would also win 4 seats of the district and hoping to win 45 seats out of 54 in North Bengal," he added.